Back problems are very common among adults: some estimates say that over 20% of adults have some chronic back pain. Among the many causes of back pain are poor posture, back strain from poorly designed furniture, weak back and stomach muscles from lack of exercise and injuries.  Many physicians recommend Yoga exercise as a way to gently stretch and strengthen back muscles. In fact, if you’ve had physical therapy, you’ll probably recognize several Yoga movements. In Yoga, a strong, flexible back is very important for maintaining posture, for insuring that the nervous system pathways are strong and clear, for improving circulation to the brain, and for maintaining the erect posture. Yoga exercises can be helpful both in preventing and in healing from an injury. Many Yoga exercises gently stretch and strengthen the muscles in the hips, back, and legs; others improve muscle strength in the abdomen, which supports the lower back. In most people, muscles on one side of the body are stronger than those on the other. Yoga exercises stretch and strengthen both sides equally. If you practice every day, you will soon notice a more relaxed posture and a more fluid carriage, and your back muscles won’t tire as easily. You’ll also learn how to recognize tension in your back and neck muscles more quickly so that you can release it before the muscles become tight and sore. Healthy Back Yoga is a therapeutic class for students with chronic pain or injuries, and focuses on balancing strength and flexibility. This practice is slow and gentle and suited for all levels. No yoga experience is necessary. We combine Yoga poses to create greater awareness for posture and movement. You will learn ways to maintain a limber and strong body. Rose Ridge Healing & Yoga offers periodic Healthy Back Yoga classes. Please check the Yoga Calendar for the schedule of upcoming classes.