Client Testimonials

Testimonials from Barbara’s Yoga Students:

Testimonials from Barbara’s healing arts session recipients:

I am 73 years old and I have been taking part in Rose Ridge Yoga for over 10 years. For at least 20 years previous to that I had experienced low back pain on a regular basis, sometimes just placing one foot in front of the other caused excruciating pain. Yoga has made a big impact in how I get through each day. I very much appreciate Barb and her method of leading us through the process. – Rozanne S

I knew the benefits of yoga before I moved to Wayne County, but did not practice it regularly. However, when a friend brought me to Barbara’s Yoga Class four years ago, I immediately knew that Barbara is a gem and a blessing. I have serious balance issues due to surgery, and I have gained strength and confidence from her yoga sessions. I have also benefited from several Yoga Therapy Sessions. Barbara has worked on the pain I have from scar tissue. Her Restorative Yoga Sessions are better than any massage I have ever had. I was so completely relaxed and energized at the same time! – Sandy H

Yoga practice with Barb Baker has been a blessing in my life. I have learned to look inward, to enjoy the poses and to relax. I use yoga daily when I walk, bend, lift and stretch. Barb is an excellent teacher. She is calm and encouraging, gently leading her students to a greater awareness of the body-mind connection. The benefits of yoga practice with Barb will last a lifetime. – Karen S

The first and best gift I gave myself when I retired was participating in Yoga Personal Practice Development sessions with Barbara Baker…I decided to ask Barbara to meet with me to develop a Personal Practice Development Session plan. Barbara was wonderful to work with, asked specific questions about what I was looking for, and how much time I felt I would be willing to commit. Then she tailored practice sessions to meet my needs. Not only is Barbara wonderful in terms of knowledge and support, but her mere presence seems to have a calming effect. – Charlotte

Working with horses throughout my lifetime put wear on my physical being. My chronic lower back pain and lack of mobility encouraged me to seek alternative healing. I find the most comfort in my body while engaging in Yoga practice, Scaler Laser treatments, and Reiki sessions. Barbara is kind and compassionate, and understands what YOU really need. I feel progress in my healing, through the combined methods I’ve found with Barbara. I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in alternative healing! – Christine V.

I had a private session with Barbara Baker for my shoulder and back. She showed me several stretches and moves I could do and it helped so much that I am back doing all the things I used to do and more. I also attend the yoga classes once a week to continue the stretches and exercises to keep limber so I can continue kayaking, bowling, hiking, and more. It keeps me going at age 73! – Janet

Thanks to Barbara Baker’s “magical Reiki treatments,” I have sailed through two total knee replacements in two years. She has helped relieve the pain of my degenerative spine plus severe arthritis. And now, Barbara’s Reiki treatments are helping me cope with caring for my husband, who is a Parkinson’s patient…Her hands amazingly guide the energy to all the areas of my body that are crying out for help – and I feel so much better physically and mentally! May G-d bless Barbara and all my angels – they’re the team that keep me energized and rejuvenated. – Irene W.

My cold laser treatments with Barb have worked wonders for me. After every treatment I feel rejuvenated, re-energized and regenerated on a cellular level physically, mentally and emotionally. After the initial five treatments, I am back for more at least every five to six weeks. My body lets me know when it’s time. Barb’s soft words and just her whole demeanor are a true gift to me. She is my angel. I truly believe that I have been able to prolong knee replacement surgery because of these cold laser treatments. Barb is a gifted woman and I am so grateful to have her in my life. Thank you, Barb – Carol F.

After loosing my husband to cancer, I was depressed and experiencing anxiety. Barb has instructed me in yoga for many years and when I heard about Reiki, I was excited to give it a try. During and after the treatment, I felt at peace, more relaxed and balanced – after just one treatment. I could feel the energy flow from her hands taking away unhappy feelings. I felt so positive about this that I attended Reiki Level 1 & 2 classes instructed by Barb. I used this practice on family and friends and they could feel good energy flowing into and through their bodies. I have worked with small children and been a caregiver for many years and now I was experiencing back and shoulder pain. Barb recommended a cold laser treatment. After my first treatment I felt my body was more relaxed and pain had decreased. I will continue with both treatments and would recommend both forms to others I know – it sure beats drugs! – Bev F