Private Reiki Session

The purpose of a Reiki session is to increase the body’s energies and clear stagnant or discordant energy that may exist. 

What is a Reiki Session?

A Reiki session is a light hands-on or hands above the body process where a Reiki practitioner transfers universal life energy to the recipient. A Reiki session is safe, non-intrusive, and non-manipulative. There are no substances applied to the body, and the recipient remains fully clothed. During a full Reiki session, the practitioner flows healing energy to areas of the head, the upper body (from neck to pelvic area), the knees and the feet. While focus is given to the body’s major organs and energy systems, every cell of the body benefits. Reiki’s healing energy has an intelligence that is beyond human consciousness and will move in the direction needed regardless of the hand position. The only thing that may limit the amount of healing energy of Reiki is the client’s willingness to let go of things that no longer serve them. Reiki is a form of energy balancing and does not cure; it assists in returning the individual to a state of mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional well-being (wholeness).

During a Reiki Session

During a Reiki session a recipient may experience a wide range of sensations such as gentle tingling, heat, cold, he or she may witness visual sensations, or may feel nothing. Every Reiki session is unique, just as each of us is unique. 

Benefits of a Reiki Session

Some reported benefits of a Reiki session are deep relaxation, increased sense of peace and well being, increased awareness, creativity, focus, feeling more balanced, and discordant patterns in your life may disappear. Some people experience a cleansing where issues from the past and present come to the surface to be healed on the mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical levels. Healing may take place on a level other than the physical even when one does not feel a lot during the treatment. Contact Barbara to schedule a Private Reiki Session
Rose Ridge Healing & Yoga offers Private Reiki Sessions, as well as classes in Reiki Level 1, Reiki Level 2, Reiki Master Practitioner, and Reiki Master Teacher Training. Please check the Training Calendar for the schedule of upcoming Reiki Training & Certification Classes.